I email the alumni to confirm their participation and to let them know when and where to show up or to sit by their phone or computer. I emphasize that I want them to ask the types of interview questions that they would normally ask candidates during an interview. I find that the students are exposed to a wider variety of interviewing styles and have a more realistic experience if the interviewers ad lib. Other than for the phone and Skype interviews, I choose not to match up the interviewers and interviewees in advance.

Instead, I tell my students to prepare for interviews in a variety of different practice settings. You could certainly match them up in advance and instruct the students to prepare for their specific interview. Among other benefits, this gives students practice doing the type of preparatory research that they should be doing before their real-life interviews.

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Setting up the classroom: I hold class in a large lecture hall that has plenty of space for everyone to spread out. The room is set up like this: I like this selection method because it ensures that students who might hesitate to volunteer end up participating. The first round of interviews is the screening interview round. I ask the interviewers to conduct basic screening interviews, as though they are winnowing down a large group of candidates. This second round is the call-back interview.

I ask the interviewers to conduct the interview as though the students are candidates who survived the initial screening interview and are being brought back for more in-depth questions. The interviewers tend to ask tougher questions during this round to suss out whether the candidates are a good fit for this job.

The final round of interviews is the post-offer round. When the post-offer negotiations are over, we reconvene as a group and debrief. I often ask the Skype interviewer to join in this debrief so that we can address the added complications of interviewing via technology. During this debrief, the interviewers provide general feedback about effective and ineffective interview behaviors they observed and the students ask interviewing strategy questions and provide their own feedback.

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Repeat the person's name, if you are introduced, as in "Nice to meet you [name]. Be ready with your own questions to ask them. Your questions demonstrate to them your interest in the job and also help you decide if you want the job if they decide to make you an offer. Also, have "networking cards" ready your non-work "business" card to give to each interviewer in exchange for their business card.

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Or, very carefully write down the names, job titles, and email addresses of everyone who interviews you. You may be asked what you do or to simply introduce yourself. Regardless, be prepared with your elevator pitch , focused on this employer and opportunity:. This needs to be a short introduction, so make every word count. Don't expect more than 30 to 45 seconds for your pitch.

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As usual, you must always act and look professional and well groomed. Even if the time with each interviewer is very short, you are interviewing for a job. Do your standard preparation.

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Google the employer and the senior members of the staff for the reputation see 50 Google Searches to Avoid Layoffs and Bad Employers. Check out the LinkedIn Profiles for the employer, the interviewer names if you have them , and the staff names you find in LinkedIn and Google see The Winning Difference: Even though you didn't spend much time with each individual, demonstrate your professionalism and follow-through by sending a thank you to each interviewer.

Write a thank you card or email that sells you for the position. Therefore, chances are not large that you will experience a speed interview, but, if you prepare for the worst you will shine in a traditional interview venue as well! She possesses 11 top-level certifications in resume writing, career coaching, and career management; 7 first place resume and job placement awards; and has written three books on interviewing and job search including Interview Pocket RX , Interviewing: Follow Laura on Twitter at careerhero.

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